Why are so many people cagey about losing weight?


Because they have already planned to fail!



When you make public that you want to lose weight, you will be more committed to achieve it.


Unfortunately,  this will also wake up those who don’t want you to succeed. The same happens when somebody wants to quit drinking or smoking. You rarely get positive support from your surroundings.


You will be confronted with sentences like:



“You’ll never achieve it.”



“Think about the yo-yo effect!”



“How many diets have you already tried? Look at the result!”



“How stupid are you, to abstain from all the delicious food.”




Maybe they say these things because they know that they themselves are too weak to achieve such goals. It is hard to see others succeed.


Don’t listen to naysayers and worryguts. Join like-minded people who work together towards their goals. In our community you will find support, counselling and coaching. We celebrate small and big success and in case there are any problems we will be at your side and help you. Participate in our weight-loss program without yo-yo effect or monotonous nutrition.