How we work!


Each of us has certainly tried one or more diets in his life.  I am sure that some of them worked – temporarily. And how did you feel?



Were you tortured by hunger? Did you feel tired and moody. Couldn’t you think of anything but eating?


Having reached you goal you can eat “normal” again. You fall back in old eating habits and within a short time the kilos that you have fought off so painfully are back again - sometimes even more!


To lose weight and  get rid of it permanently, a change to a healthy  lifestyle is necessary, which still allows you to enjoy delicious meals.



True! Eliminating bad eating habits, you have been used to for many years, isn’t easy. There are many questions. 



„Can I integrate it in my daily schedule?”



“ Will I really see the results I am aiming at?”



“Is this success sustainable?” 



We from Fitness&Lifestyle help you to find out what this healthy lifestyle looks like, especially for you.


We create individual mealplans adjusted to your schedule and needs. 



Yes, there are some changes concerning nutrition and for sure, there is food you rather should avoid or only consume in small amounts. But there are so many tasty healthy alternatives and recipes, that you won’t have gravings for these things. On the contrary, you will feel fitter and full of energy after just a short time. 


The word „diet“ is often connected to  terms like “hunger“ , “fasting”, “deprivation” and “bad mood”, which are all by-products of  “starvation diets”.



But the word “diet“  stands for much more.  It also means “eating habits” or  “nutrition”.


Our nutritional program, which will be planned to your needs, offers 5 meals per day (3 main meals and 2 snacks) and makes sure that your body is provided with all the vitamins and nutrients which it needs to functions optimally.



Maybe you are asking yourself now:


“Well, that sounds great. But I don’t know wheather I can stay the course until I have adopted a different kind of eating habits.”



We from Fitness&Lifestyle won’t abandon you. We will support you. It takes some time to get rid of old habits, establish new ones und stick to them until they are implanted in your life so that this new lifestyle becomes natural for you.



Sports people who got used to a wrong pattern in their performance also need a coach and constant training  to change this pattern.



We will mentor you on your way to your goals and beyond. We will provide regular information,  will support you with words and deeds in the unlikely case of problems. If you want, you can also receive support and motivation in a community of like-minded people.




What’s holding you back to start a healthier and happier life now?




 How can you start?



Just fill in the contact form and we will contact you within the next 48 hours.


 Then we will start with the wellness assessment, paying attention to your eating habits and your lifestyle and learn about how you feel at the moment. Based on this analysis we put up a personal plan and select food that fits this plan.



And now?


Now you start to eat according to your plan.



And if I realize that it doesn't suit you? 



 In this very unlikely case and because we are so convinced of our program and products we offer you a 30 day money back guarantee.


So, there is really no reason not to follow your goals seriously right away




So, fill in the contact form immediately and press “send”! You have nothing to lose but much to gain!




I am looking forward to hearing from you!  


Warm regards,




(Our business is not restricted to one country. We are situated in Germany but can do business in more than 90 countries worldwide.)